Dr. Grace Wright, Rheumatologist

Paid consultant to GSK at the time of filming.


    DR. WRIGHT: I’m Doctor Grace Wright, a Rheumatologist in New York City

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: Dr. Grace Wright, Rheumatologist
    Paid consultant to GSK at the time of filming.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Meet a patient on BENLYSTA”

    DR. WRIGHT: So I think back to when BENLYSTA was first approved and another patient that I placed on therapy. This was a young woman who came to me in her 40s, she had a young daughter at home, she was an executive, long days at work, and now she has lupus.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: Patient experience may not be representative of all BENLYSTA patients.

    DR. WRIGHT: She’s got mouth ulcers, she’s got joint pain and stiffness, and her elbow in particular was a problem, because she sat at these meetings, and her elbow really was distracting. And I remember her coming in saying – we are doing all of the usual things, the antimalarials, the corticosteroids, all of these other therapies – and she just wasn’t well enough for her.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: “She just wasn’t well enough for her”

    DR. WRIGHT: And so we talked about going on this infusion therapy at the time, that’s what we had offered, and so this was BENLYSTA which we administered in the office and she chose to try this, and what she noticed was her disease activity improved, and so she was able to function better, her joint pains improved, the ulcers that she had improved,....

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Her disease activity improved”
    Patient experience may not be representative of all BENLYSTA patients.

    DR. WRIGHT: ... and so for her this was the right choice. And this was something that she was very thankful that we had an opportunity to offer her at that time.

    DR. WRIGHT: “For her, this was the right choice”

    DR. WRIGHT: Thank you for watching. Visit the BENLYSTA website for more information.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: Visit the website

    BENLYSTA is indicated for patients aged ≥5 with active, autoantibody-positive systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) receiving standard therapy and patients aged ≥18 with active lupus nephritis receiving standard therapy. BENLYSTA is not recommended in patients with severe active central nervous system lupus or in combination with other biologics.



    Previous anaphylaxis with BENLYSTA.

    Serious Infections: Serious and sometimes fatal infections have been reported, and occurred more frequently with BENLYSTA. Use caution in patients with severe or chronic infections, and consider interrupting therapy in patients with a new infection.

    Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML): Cases of JC virus-associated PML resulting in neurological deficits, including fatal cases, have been reported. If PML is confirmed, consider stopping immunosuppressant therapy, including BENLYSTA.

    Please see additional Important Safety Information and full Prescribing Information, including Medication Guide, on the website.

    Intravenous Use 120 mg/vial
    Subcutaneous Use 200 mg/mL

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Paid consultants to GSK at the time of filming.