Dr. William Pendergraft, Nephrologist

Paid consultant to GSK at the time of filming.


    DR. PENDERGRAFT: My name is Doctor Will Pendergraft. I’m a practicing nephrologist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: Dr. William Pendergraft Nephrologist
    Paid consultant to GSK at the time of filming

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Meet a patient on BENLYSTA”

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: For me, a patient success story with BENLYSTA that really stands out is a 40-year-old woman who is a patient of mine with a past medical history significant for lupus complicated by lupus nephritis. She had been in good clinical remission for the past seven or eight years…

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: 40-year-old woman with lupus, complicated by lupus nephritis
    Patient experience may not be representative of all BENLYSTA patients.

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: … and came to see me for a follow-up appointment complaining of being tired, as well as having joint pain.


    • Fatigue
    • Joint pain

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: We checked labs and noticed that her inflammatory markers were elevated, her complement levels were low, and she was spilling protein into her urine


    • Fatigue
    • Joint pain
    • Elevated inflammatory markers
    • Low complement
    • Proteinuria

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: She had previously been in good clinical remission, which for me really means kidney function is back at baseline, there is no protein in the urine, or at least a urine protein creatinine ratio less than .7 or .8, and she had been on remission maintenance immunosuppressive therapy, tolerating that well.

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: At the time that we got the lab results back, we actually had found and heard that BENLYSTA had been FDA approved just four days prior and so we talked about risks and benefits with our patient who had been in remission, now with a flare really consistent of joint pain and proteinuria, and she decided after weighing risks and benefits that she would start BENLYSTA, which we did.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: We decided to start BENLYSTA

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: And we noticed really over the subsequent three or four months that her symptoms really improved. She had less joint pain. She truly felt better, clinically, and we also noticed that her proteinuria got better, so she had significant improvement in proteinuria. Her kidney function was where it needed to be, and her inflammatory markers and complement levels had normalized.

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: “Her symptoms really improved”
    Patient experience may not be representative of all BENLYSTA patients.

    DR. PENDERGRAFT: "Thank you for watching and visit the BENLYSTA website for more information"

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: Visit the website

    ON-SCREEN TEXT: BENLYSTA is indicated for patients aged ≥5 with active, autoantibody-positive systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) receiving standard therapy and patients aged ≥18 with active lupus nephritis receiving standard therapy. BENLYSTA is not recommended in patients with severe active central nervous system lupus or in combination with other biologics.



    Previous anaphylaxis with BENLYSTA.

    Serious Infections: Serious and sometimes fatal infections have been reported, and occurred more frequently with BENLYSTA. Use caution in patients with severe or chronic infections, and consider interrupting therapy in patients with a new infection.

    Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML): Cases of JC virus-associated PML resulting in neurological deficits, including fatal cases, have been reported. If PML is confirmed, consider stopping immunosuppressant therapy, including BENLYSTA.

    Please see additional Important Safety Information and full Prescribing Information, including Medication Guide, on the website.


    Intravenous Use 120 mg/vial
    Subcutaneous Use 200 mg/mL

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Paid consultants to GSK at the time of filming.